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I made the games so that you don't need to extract the interpreter files, they are already included in the .zip file. All you need to do is download the game and extract all the files in the .zip to a directory. Everything you need is in each .zip file now. If you have any questions, just e-mail me.

I will be adding alot of other AGI games soon, so come back!

Contest Entries: (NOTE: These games are in no particular order at all. There is no second, third, fourth place. There was only one winner in this contest.)

Joe McMuffin

The Journey of Chef

Lost Eternity

Quest for a Record Deal

Click here to download the CONTEST PACKAGE

Kool Productions Games:

Car Driver v.11

Date Quest 2 Full Version 1.0

Date Quest 2 Demo v1.0

Dogs Quest v 1.0

Date Quest

Agent Quest

Get Outta Space Quest

Snowboarding Demo

Kool Production's AGI Movies/Teasers/Tours

Solar System Tour

Other People's Fan-Made AGI Games:

Serguei's Destiny