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Car Driver v.11 is done. It is a small little demo with not much to do. It is just for you to get a feel of what the game will be like. I wrote the stupid little intro song, but I haven't put it in the game yet. It is a separate file that you can listen to in the Car Driver v.11 folder.

Date Quest 2 Full Version 1.0 is complete! You can download it in the downloads section. You can also download or listen to the Date Quest 2 End Song that I made. Its in the music section. There may be future releases of Date Quest 2 with bug fixes, and more additions. Check the ReadMe file included in the game for more information.

I am going to resume progress on Date Quest 2. It will most likely be finished before school starts here (August 28). I should be way before then actually. I will probably not release another demo of the game. So after such a long time, Date Quest 2 will finally be done. Just a few more months.
Other News? Hmmmm, well that game I was supposed to work on with Oliver got put on hold. I think for good. I doubt we will ever work on that game. I may help him with his new game Lefty 2 however. But Date Quest 2 will be the first priority :D. Thats it for now. I'm going to work on DQ2.

Solar System Tour is released. I finished it about a week ago, but haven't had a chance to put it on my site. You can download it from the downloads section. This isn't a game though, it is a video made with AGI. It is pretty cool. Well, why did I bother making this, when I could be working on Date Quest 2? Well, this is because I had a science project. It was to makea model of the Solar System, but my teacher said we could do this in a creative way. I asked him if I could make it on the computer, and he said yes, so I created it in AGI. I will post the grade I got for it once I get the grade. I think the tour came out pretty good, I just stink at drawing.
Oh, and I am also involved in an AGI project with some people from the AGI Message Board. ( The leader of the project (Oliver) doesn't want the games name to be mentioned though, so I can't tell
you what the name of it is. Oliver's web site is . It has some of his other games there. (Those links are in the Links section.)
Also, the best AGI thing EVER was created. It is still in progress, but you can still use it. It is an AGI chat room online! Check out the Links section. The address is in there.

I haven't been working on DQ2 for a while. I have been doing other stuff. I am going to continue working on it soon. I have a science project due soon. It is a project of the solar system, so I decided to make a tour of the solar system with AGI. I am almost done it. Once it is complete, I will upload it onto my web site for everyone to see. I will try getting some progress done on DQ2 soon.

THE FIRST DATE QUEST 2 DEMO IS DONE!!! Date Quest 2 Demo v1.0 is now complete!!! You can download it from the downloads section. It has bugs and bad graphics. A lot will be improved in future versions. Don't be dissapointed, this is just a version so everyone can see what its like. It will be improved a lot more in the final release.
Also, this is a demo, and its longer than any other KP game!!