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Serguei's Destiny

                Game: Serguei's Destiny
                Version: 1.1
                Author: Robin Gravel
                Copyright (c) 2001, 2002
                Review Written by:
                Joey Rinella
 If you are looking for a great AGI adventure game with
great graphics, tough puzzles, and magic spells, you got the
right game. Serguei's Destiny, v.1.1 by Robin Gravel is an
excellent game. Lets look at some of the great things about
this game.
  The story is a man named Blackmagic, has casted a spell
on the Mayor of the towns child. Blackmagic said it was an
accident but the mayor didnt believe it. Blackmagic was to be
burned at the stake. The mayor lit the wood. Blackmagic turned
into a raven and escaped. (This is a cool part. It shows the
raven flying in the sky and lightning it striking behind him.)
Blackmagic cursed a spell on the town. It is now up to you to
find Blackmagic and remove the curse from the town Jolimy.
  The storyline is great. The intro really shows you
everything. The Lightning effects are my favorite. The intro is
pretty detailed.
  The Graphics on the game are great! When outside, you
will see trees and flowers. The flowers have excellent detail.
It takes a very long time to make a scene as detailed as they
are in this game. Although sometimes you will just see a tree
or two and no flowers. The trees arent the worst, but not the
best. When you enter the city of Jolimy, it is really cool. It
sets an excellent mood. The broken trees, the black sky. When
you walk through the town part of Jolimy, you will see
excellent detail. The houses are very well done and you can
clearly see that Robin put a lot of effort into this game. The
views (actors and objects.) are really nice as well. Although
there wearnt too many. There are more pictures than views.
  The gameplay is also really nice. It kept me playing
for hours. I couldnt figure out where to go on some parts. I
had to keep looking in AGI Studio to help me out with parts.
The puzzles will keep you playing for a long time, unless you
have a walkthrough or are looking at the logic in AGI Studio.
To add more fun in this game, Robin made stars. There are 5
hidden stars. If you find them all, you get a special ending.
You have mini quests to go on in this game. Master Turpin will
not tell you where they are or what to do, you have to find
them yourself. Just help people and look around alot. Everytime
you complete a quest, you learn a new spell. Here are all the
spells you get:
Abracadabra - reading the ancient writings.
Alakazam - to teleport to somewhere.
Hocus Pocus - turn you into a fish and back.
Truda Huba - change an ennemy into a icy statue.
Shazam - lifting big objects like rocks
??? - a great powerful destructor spell
It is really cool using these. You will feel like a magician
yourself. Sometimes, before you enter a screen, you will have
to type in what you want to do. In other words, when you enter
a room, if someone is coming after you, you won't have enough
time to type in what to do. So after going to a screen and
finding out someone is chasing you, type in what you want to do
before entering that screen next time. Something about the
objects now. There are some items that are totally useless. I
don't know why they were put in the game. One of the objects
is to trick you into buying it so you have no money. I
understand that one. But I don't understand why you get this
other object if you don't need it. It doesn't matter though.
  The music and sound was one thing I wasnt too pleased
with. This game definetely could have used more music and sound. 
There is only one song and one sound effect. There is music for
when you die. And the only sound is the lightning. It is hard
to make music in my opinion, but this game would have been
cooler with more.
 Extra features in this game are pretty neat. The stars,
a command list, etc. Finding the stars is a great part
of the game. It will keep you playing for more hours and
frustirate you even more. Just kidding. It is hard to find them,
so you WILL be playing longer to search for them all. If you
do find them all, you will get a special ending.
  The ending is alright, but not the best. It is neat at
the beginning of it, but then is kind of off. It shows what
happens to him and his castle. That is cool, but then this
happens. If you dont have all the stars, you wont be able to
do something special. Therefore, the ending is kind of
misleading. You are upset because you cant do what Serguei wants
to do, even after saving the world. (I am not telling you what
he wants to do, because it will ruin the ending.) If you do
have all the stars, it will show what happens to Blackmagic like
in the other ending, but this time you do get to do what Serguei
wants to do. But it doesnt show it in enough detail. It just
shows a picture that says what happened. So what I am saying is,
you will try to get all the stars, but you may be dissapointed.
I think it could show the special ending with more detail or
more animation. It is still a cool ending though.
  This is a very cool game. I really enjoyed it. Robin
put in a lot of cool things, like the darkening of the screen.
That was real sweet. I really liked the intro. This game was
pretty hard though. I had to keep looking in AGI Studio for
help. This will keep you playing for a while. The graphics will
keep you enjoying the scenery for a while. The magic spells make
the game really cool. Using the magic is one of the funnest
parts. I just wish you could use them on every screen instead
of just the ones intended for. I highly recommend this game for
people liking hard adventure games. It will keep you playing for
a while. I anticipate Serguei's Destiny 2 now.
                         Authors Information:
Name: Robin Gravel
Where to download Serguei's Destiny: His web site.
Other games: Check his web site. He has a lot and I don't know
all of them. (Note: All games on his site are not his. He puts
other peoples games on his site as well. He does have his games
on there though, you just have to look.)
Previous release of this game: 1.0
Web site:
Email Address:
(He has 2 email addresses I think. I believe the first one is
his main one. I think the second one is his old one.)
                    Information About Me:
                    (Person who wrote this review)
Name: Joey Rinella
Games made be me: Check my web site.
Email Address:
Additional Comments about Serguei's Destiny: It is really great.
I really had fun learning the magic spells and completing
quests. You will have a great time playing this game.

Screen Shots:



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