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Kool Production's Unreleased Games

This is a list and descripion of Kool Productions Games that were never released. Why they were never released, I don't know why. I think we lost copies of some.

Escape from Space.
This was a game, exactly like Get Outta Space Quest, but Jon made this, and it was longer. It was about 2 minutes longer though. To tell you the truth, Get Outta Space Quest and Escape from Space were from the game Herbao. GOSP was not the whole game, Escape from Space, was the whole game, only edited.

Beat Up Boys.
Heh Heh. This was the most violent KP game yet. That is why it wasnt released. My dad found it and got upset. Anyway, me and Nate (my neighbor) were just messing around on the computer. He gave me ideas for a quick, pointless, game that you cant beat. Basically, it was a game with a white screen for the first background. You were a son from a southern accented man call Pa, and his wife Ma. You could hit Ma with a stick, or steal Pa's steak. But, Pa would stab you to death with a knife. This game was violent, I have to admit, but no matter how violent Date Quest 2 is, it will be released.

NEW Dogs Quest.
Heh Heh. Another funny one. Me and Nate secretly edited Jons game Dogs Quest. We made it so a dog catcher would get you and piss and crap on you. We then showed Jon and he was laughing. He said he would edit Agent Quest, but never did.

NEW Agent Quest.
One day, (when I had learned more in Logic) I wanted to edit Agent Quest, so you could shoot with the gun and and it would show an animation of the guy dying, as well as an animation of the gun shooting. This won't be released because I was just experimenting.

Car Driver.
Ok. This is a story. A while ago, I wanted to make a game called Car Driver. It was intended to be like Police Quest when you drive around, but I had no plot. I was just going to make it. I had no knowledge on priority lines, or good logic. My logic was nothing. So I had 1 or 2 pictures in and then something happened. I forget. I think my hard drive went bad. But then, when I got a new hard drive, I made a new version. I never finished it because I got stuck at one point. It wasnt coming along good anyway. I have a couple screens in, but they werent very good. I believe I lost it on another hard drive when it broke. Since then, I havent worked on another version.

This was going to be made after Date Quest. A while after Date Quest was made, I started listening to the band Thin Lizzy. One of there songs, Jailbreak inspired me. I thought it would be a wicked cool game. You would have to escape from prison and stuff like that. I began working on it, but then gave up. I don't know why. Probabaly because there wasnt a good plot. Anyway, I did get a view of you, you dead, 1 cel of a dog chasing you, and your Jail ID Card. The only picture was the opening screen. Maybe after Date Quest 2, I could finish this.

That is all of them that I can remember for now. If I remember anymore, I will post them.