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Here are some pretty cool Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny links.
Note: Some may only have Wolf 3D on it, some may only have SOD on it, some may have both. Also, my other web site's links are here, they do not deal with Wolf 3D or SOD though.

Some of my other web sites:

My AGI Web Site

Other people's Wolfenstein 3D and/or Spear of Destiny sites:

Wolfenstein 3D Archive

Poet's Wolfenstein 3D web page

Note: Poet's site has some add-ons for the Wolf 3D and some tutorials on making your own adjustments to the game. This is one of my favorite sites.

Mr. Lowes Wolfenstein 3D page

Mr. Lowes site has A LOT of stuff on it. A lot of add-ons for the game and other goodies.