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NEWS: Ghost Man Practice is available for download. Although it is short, it is quite challenging and great for practice.
This is the Ghost Man homepage. The Ghost Man games and this web site were made by me, Joey Rinella (Even though I stupidly forgot to put By Joey Rinella in Ghost Man 2 and Ghost Man Battle.). Anyway, on this site you can download and find info about each game. I am not sure if each game is the final release. I might add in a few things like cheats, my name, and some other stuff, so keep coming back if you like the game.
Also, the Ghost Man games are for everyone, but childred like 4- 9 will probably have the most fun playing them. My brothers enjoy them, and they are around that age. But anyway, happy playing!

Last Updated: 8/19/05
Ghost Man Practice is available for download.

These teady bears aren't so cuddly!