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Info About The Ghost Man Games
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The Ghost Man games are fun for everyone, but I think children around ages 4-9 will get the best fun from them. I find each game easy, is it cause I am 14? Maybe. Is it cause I made the games? Maybe. Who knows, but I still have fun playing them. Here is info on each game. The games are in the order in which I made them.
Story: Your friend has been captured, and you have to save him. This is the story for Ghost Man 1 and 2. There is no story for Ghost Man Battle; you just fight each other. The story may be different for Ghost Man 3 when I make it.
Ghost Man: This is the first one I made. It is short and has 10 levels. The last level is probably harder then the last level on Ghost Man 2. I think the last level on the first is harder.
Ghost Man 2: This is the second one I made. I has 15 levels. This one has more levels and things than the first. For example, there is a health bar, new bosses, health (not the bar but an item that gives you more health), and some other stuff. This one is harder than the first.
Ghost Man Battle: This one is 2 player only. There is really no point to this one. You just battle a friend or someone. One person is Ghost Man, and the other is Ghost Man's friend (the blue ghost). You shoot each other, and the first with no health looses. There are 5 levels, and you can choose which level you want to battle on. You can also destroy the UFOs, and the other enemies with your bullets.
Ghost Man 3: Once again, your friend has been captured, but this time, in a dark, scary place. You now start to wonder why your friend keeps getting captured. Maybe you will find out in the future. This one has many many new things in it. I highly recommend this game. It is my favorite out of all of them. Also, my brothers and 2 of my cousins helped me make this game which made it an even funner game. Download it now!

Ghost Man 4: Your brother has been captured by a bat while he was trick or treating! You have to save him in the scary Halloween World!

Ghost Man 5: The Crystal of Life: A magical crystal, known as The Crystal of Life, which keeps everything living, has been stolen by someone! You must get it back, because if something bad is done to it, who knows what will happen! You must go on another adventure, but this time, to save everyone.
Ghost Man 5: The Crystal of Life features 3 new bosses, music from Metallica, new enemies, an Electric World, and more! It also includes many enemies, and items from the previous games.
Ghost Brothers: A 2 player cooperative Ghost Man game. You two must work together in order to complete the game.